Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Go read Amber

Amber recently posted an entry called "The End of The Breastfeeding Relationship" with some thoughts on breastfeeding, weaning, and the judgement that we as mothers are subject to. All topics near and dear to my heart.

First of all - isn't it a tad overdramatic that we call it (cue ominously thundering organ music) The Ennnnnnd of the Breaaaaaaaastfeeding Relaaaaaaationship"? When we toilet-train our kids, is it the End of the Diapering Relationship? When we teach them how to walk, is it the End of the Carrying Relationship? When we teach them how to talk, is it the End of the Grunting and Guessing Relationship? Get serious. Why do we overemphasize breastfeeding so much, to the point where we tack on the word "relationship" and, more terrifyingly, "end"? I can honestly say, a few months post-wean, that my relationship with Gwen has not changed one bit. Not. One. Bit.

Amber points out that "the entire breastfeeding debate or discussion, whatever you’d like to call it, does a pretty good job of making women feel either superior or inadequate but does little to provide a supportive and understanding cushion for most new mothers." Truer words were never blogged.

I wanted to write a well-thought-out post on the subject myself, but it turns out that most of what I want to say is either (a) already being said by Amber, (b) repeating stuff I've said on this blog before, or (c) just more frustrated ranting/whining. So just go read Amber's post and join the discussion there (or here).

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Amberism said...

Is it weird that I'm ridiculously proud to get a blog post?

Because I am.

(I meant to say in the post that the title was a shout-out to you :).)


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