Saturday, December 20, 2008

I win at packing! But lose at Christmas!

I want you all to know that I did a phenomenal job packing for today's trip. Like, probably the best packing job I've ever done.

(That's IT. Seriously. Me + Gwen for four days and three nights. I ROCK!)

(Um, except obviously her playpen and Bumbo chair are not pictured here. The playpen is for sleeping and the Bumbo is for eating, since Gwen is not enthused about sitting in people's laps. (Or anywhere, really.) But luggage-wise? This is it. I am proud!)

Naturally, our trip was cancelled due to a blizzard warning. When your city's Fire Rescue Department sends out an emergency alert advising residents to stock up on lights, food, medicine, water, pet food, and gasoline - hmm, it just might be a hint brick from the Universe saying STAY THE HELL HOME. So, that's what we're doing.

I am very disappointed to be missing out on the English Family Christmas this year, a tradition that's been going for six years now. It feels strange that our extended family won't be as big a part of Gwen's first Christmas as we'd planned. But ultimately, what's important is that the three of us are together, we're safe, and we'll have our own quiet little celebration. As Chris pointed out, if ever there was a Christmas for plans getting screwed up, it might as well be this one, when Gwen doesn't know the difference.

I do, though, and I'm a little bit perplexed as to how to ensure that the upcoming Week of Being Stuck At Home With Gwen will be different from Every Other Week of the Year When I Am Stuck At Home With Gwen. It's still my Christmas too, and I want it to be a little bit special. I guess now I have to figure out how to do that.

But! More importantly. Behold my packing!

The Diaper Bag/Ferry Bag.

The above bag is all we need to bring on the ferry to keep Gwen fed, clean, and somewhat entertained.
Contents include:
Burp cloths (including a Christmas-themed one)
Three disposable diapers*
Plastic bag for soiled clothes
Whole-grain sugar-free "O" cereal in case Gwen suddenly shows an interest in finger food
Entire clean outfit in case of blowout
Receiving blanket because I have a bizarre fear of going anywhere without one
Long piece of fabric that turns into a wrap like this, for carrying Gwen
Nightlight clipped on edge of bag, not so much for the ferry but for latenight Gwen attendance in homes with unknown layouts
Diaper Cream
Disposable Wipes*
Changing Pad
Not pictured: The bottles and formula I would have added to the bag if we'd actually headed out this morning.

The Overnight Bag

Along with the diaper/ferry bag, this bag would have accompanied us into my aunt's house. It contains everything we need for dinner, sleeping, and the next morning.
Contents include:
Change of clothes for me
My jammies
Change of clothes for Gwen
Plastic bag in case of soiled clothes
Two pairs of socks for Gwen
Burp cloths
Three bibs, including two that are Christmas-themed
Container of wheat cereal
Dish and spoon
Jarred baby food**
Her reflux medicine and syringe
Baby Tylenol
Receiving Blanket
Fancy dress for dinner
More diapers*
Jammies & overjammies
mp3 player & speakers (we use this to play the hourlong track of ocean wave sounds she is used to while she sleeps; it helps soothe her, and cover other household noises)
Not pictured: Her lovey, "Mooey", which again would have been thrown in the bag this morning.
**Not something she gets at home, but seems a good plan for when we're travelling and don't have any idea whether the food will be suitable for her.

The Gibsons Bag

This is the bag containing everything needed for Gwen and I to spend two days and nights on the Coast with my sister. The previous bag could have happily stayed in the car during this time.
Contents include:
Changing pad
Gwen's bathing suit (we were going to go to the pool while there)
Swim diapers
Receiving blanket
Plastic bag
Burp cloths
More clothes for me
My bathing suit
More clothes for Gwen
More diapers*
More jammies for Gwen
More disposable wipes*
More jarred baby food**
More socks for Gwen
Not pictured: the jar of formula and bottles I would have added this morning if we'd actually been heading out.

*While at home, we use cloth diapers and wipes for Gwen, but when travelling, we do disposable. Mostly this reflects our respect for our hosts' homes and our unwillingness to fill them with stinky soiled diapers.

A post about luggage. How freaking lame. At least I'm not totally alone in the weirdness, though. And taking the photos in anticipation of this post made all the UNpacking I had to do today, a little less painful.

I'm now feeling a little blue over Gwen's lack of opportunity to wear the lovely Christmas clothes she has. She has two Christmas-y dresses, and last week I even went so far as to plan out which dress she would wear to which event, to make sure they got equal play (this is important when one of them was bought by a grannie! A grannie who was annoyed that the costume she bought Gwen didn't get worn for the Official Trick or Treating!). I thought Gwen could wear her red dress for the baby Christmas party on Friday, but that party got cancelled because of the snow. Then I thought Gwen could wear her lovely gold dress for the dinner tonight, but now we're not going. Church on Christmas Eve is looking pretty darn iffy as well. For the last few days, since we haven't been leaving the house at all, Gwen's just been wearing the same pair of jammies all damn day. This does *not* contribute to feeling like Christmas! Sometime in the next couple days I have got to pull it together, dress that girl up, and get in the spirirt.

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Reesh said...

Lily has been wearing her beautiful Christmas dress for weeks now. I figured why not, I can't just let her wear it for one day and then pack it away. It's too beautiful! Nadia has worn hers a few times too, but she's a REALLY messy eater so I always take it off for eating.

Sorry to hear about your change of Christmas plans. I would be totally bummed out too. Yes Christmas is all about the kids, but I agree it's still about us too! Maybe the storm won't be as bad as they are predicting and you can hop on a ferry in a day or too and still get to do some of what you had planned. Crossing my fingers for you anyways!

It's coming down pretty heavy here now but we're hoping the wind won't pick up like they predicted because we ALWAYS loose power in wind storms!

Merry Christmas anyways...

P.S. Chrsitmas music always helps me get in the spirit. Before I even realize it I am singing along and thinking back to all the wonderful warm memories of past Christmases with a huge smile on my face.


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