Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A date with myself

It's Wednesday morning, nearly 11am, and I am out of the house and away from my baby.

My mother-in-law, Karen, has just been itching to spend some time babysitting Gwen, so I finally figured out what I wanted to do and got up the nerve to make it happen. She showed up at 9am today at which time I handed her a freshly changed, fully-fed baby and ... wait for it ...

...went and had a shower!!

Upon exiting the shower, I heard Gwen crying, so I dressed quickly and went downstairs. I knew she just needed a nap, so I showed Karen how to use the swing, and two minutes later she was fast asleep. I packed for the upcoming weekend in Vancouver, Karen kept me company while I ate breakfast, then I did my hair and then ...

... I left the house!!

I went and did a couple of errands and now I am at the Serious Coffee down the street from my house, using their wireless access for some uninterrupted Me Time. I figure I don't have to be back home until 1pm (I left Karen with a bottle of pumped milk, so that buys me another 2 hours).

It feels weird to know that I won't be needed for the next little while. I think it'll take a bit of getting used to!

1 comment:

Amberism said...

I'm very, very jealous. The only time I've been sans-baby is the couple of hours I went to a meeting and when I got home, everyone was mad.


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